We help tired, stressed out, overwhelmed, anxious and depressed mamas gain the skills, support, and confidence to feel like themselves again and start thriving in motherhood. Are you a new mom struggling with thoughts that scare you? Are you afraid to talk to those around you about what you’re experiencing? Are you feeling worried about your baby and finding it hard to sleep? Are you worried you aren’t a good enough mom and you never will be? Are you pregnant and feeling hopeless or afraid? There is hope mama. With help, you can feel better. You have come to the right place. We can help you here.

I am here to help you dig out, and start feeling better & happier

My name is Kylee Nelson and I am a mama who is super passionate about helping pregnant and new moms overcome depression and anxiety so they can thrive in motherhood. After experiencing a difficult journey into motherhood, I devoted my career as a therapist to help other pregnant and postpartum women receive the help they need so they can thrive in motherhood. I am here for you mama. Let’s overcome this darkness together so you can find fulfillment and balance in life again.

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About Kylee Nelson

I completed my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma and completed my Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from Southern Nazarene University. I have worked with parents, children and families for 7 years and have developed a passion for working with mothers. I am a wife to my college sweetheart and a mother to my son.

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